Monday, 22 June 2009

Symphony of Silence Band -Indie Bali emocore-

SYMPHONY OF SILENCE means the sound of harmony hanging inside and waking the silence. That's the name.. Only a Name.. of a Band.
Pain emocore.. that the Genre of this one. Established in Bali, 16th of October 2008, this is a new one in the Indie Bali music community.
Symphony of Silence walking with 4 member persons : Indra Wira - Vocal, Guitar// Edy Agustin - Drums, backing vocal// Pradnyana Putra - Bass, backing vocal// Ricky - Guitar.
In the hand of these persons and running around the popularity genre of indie music in Bali make the existence for being the one in the battle of Band.

Why emocore??.. that's very crowded emocore.. hell yeah, with that... whatever, maybe many people said that. Just open your eyes and your ears.. see and listen.. This genre is the most favorite in indie Bali music although lot of top indie bands use the synthesizer to make their name flying, that's no problem.. We are exist..

In February 2009, Symphony of Silence released a demo album. "The Theater of Heartache" it's sounds completely making sense for a small album demo. 5 songs are available in the chart of album : 1. Come Back, 2. Derita dan Amarah, 3. Your Steps Will Killing You, 4. My Last Rose, 5. Dusta di Balik Maya.
There just 5 songs but that inspire us to a description about a torment, hurt, endless pain and all the broken part of the side of life. There are 5 songs arranger and music by "Symphony of Silence".
We are use two different languages, Indonesia and English. That become our inspiration in making a song include in Indonesia or English are our story of true life. Take and put that into a blank paper with the black ink, with sound of strings and distortion of vocal. Just a simple things.

4 persons are enough to make a great sounds in the stage, that depend on the positioning, and sounds making.. Back again on the personally of "Symphony of Silence"..

  • Herry Joe - Vocal Scream, Metal side of the band, Screaming and high type of vocals. Influenced by As I Lay Dying, Chiodos, Alesana. Enough to make a noise characteristic of the band.
  • Lock' - Electric 6 strings Guitar, backing vocal, scream, Playing in Metal and Rock, with 6 strings (Schecter - Diamond Series) playing the most melody in the band, with an optional in Vocal, screaming, song and music arranger. His influences are Bullet for my Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold (Brian Haner & Zack Baker.. for the custom Schecter - Diamond Series), Alesana, Trivium, and also influenced by most indie bands.
  • P. Cheat - Electric 4 strings Bass Guitar, .. In Rock and Blues basic. (Fender - Squire Jazz Bass) Playing quiet enough and slowly build the harmony and pentatonic scale have a sense. That's his character. Influenced by most rock band : Good Charlotte and also Bullet for my Valentine.
  • Ricky - Electric 6 strings Guitar.. Playing in Rock (Radix Guitar). Simple rhythm playing. Less melody and strong distortion and soft Clean in his Line 6 POD XT Live. Influenced by most Local rock Band.
  • Edy - Drums, .. (Double Pedal Player) Playing in Rock line with a power. Make a noise is his character, like the most drummer. His Influences are Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater). Now Playing in most metal influences like Bullet for my Valentine, As I Lay Dying, and many more in local indie Band became his influences.

Most of Band are Playing in so many Influences. And so this band.
We recommended that we are playing in many metal and rock influences, that are :
Alesana, Avenged Sevenfold, As I lay Dying, Bullet for my Valentine, Black Sabbath, Story of the Year, The Used, Bring me the Horizon, Lamb of God, All that Remains, Shadows Fall, Killswitch Engage, Arch Enemy, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Guns n Roses, Deep Purple, Saosin, Pantera, Paramore, The Black Dahlia Murder, SUM 41, and many more..

Wanna hear our songs??.. Sorry the song isn't available in this simple blog right now.. but don't worry, you can visit
There you can find our fucking photos.. share a comment about our gigs or whatever,
You can be our fans if you interested. and share about our songs rate.
"be the one on the chart is most interesting.. you knew that"
So without you... we are nothing..


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Thank you!!!!

For the end of this year, exclusive for you all.. we had released our acoustic demo, with 4 songs.